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Hi, I just joined the community today and I also just finished reading the series today and I absolutly loved all three of the books. I then went online to search for Jason/Kyle fan fictions and I couldn't find any. I then found this community and read that people could post fan fiction in this community but no one has. Does anyone know where I can find Jason/Kyle fan fiction? I would love to read some. Thank you.
I write fanfiction and if you want I'll write you a fic. I'm not amazingly good but you can give me a prompt or a pairing, as long as its not Debra/Nelson or something weird like that and I'll write it...
If you go to www.fanfiction.net, and look under the Rainbow Boys category, there's some really good fics. There's also more if you hit "all ratings" but only if you don't mind M rated fics. (meaning hot smutty goodness)
Hope that helped! (and love the pic!)