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okay...i know most of you guys dont have a myspace...hence the LJ-ness...but if you do, i would ask you very nicely with sugar, cherries, and vegan coookies on top to add this group. its www.myspace.com/isupport .
iSupport is a group headed by the very own Matthew Lush (otherwise knows as GayGod♥) and he is doing as much as he can to get gay marriage legalized. so please add them...and if not, you can buy shirts at www.matthewlush.com to help out! thanks for reading!
*just click the picture*
i do!
I love Alex Sanchez and I was thinking about joining this community. 8D
Myspace sucks
No offense, but Gay God, as much as he protests, is sort of a MySpace whore. I mean who honestly video tapes themselves making out with their boyfriend and gives it to the public? No one.

Anyway, I only like iSupport because of its message, not because of its spokesperson.

And keep talking like that and I'll slap you and call you a Mary-Sue. -__-