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Hello there!! Is anybody home? I'm new here and I just discover this wonderful trilogy! Unfortunate for me in Italy is just came out and I can't find Raimbow High ( poor my soul T.T)...
My favorite character is Nelson, but i think that the autor did't treat him right ( my lovely fairy!), i don't like Jason very much but he's here so I have to deal with him...
What do you think?
Ps. sorry for the bad English but it's not my mother languagese XD

Hello, first day being part of this wonderful community.

I was just wondering, what are your ideal actors/actresses to play all the characters. I once saw a video on youtube, but it was tragic and totally not my idea.

I think I'm going to hunt down my cast but I'm curious to what others think.


Community seems a bit dead... That's unfortunate, so I've come to liven things up a bit! ^-^ I just got all three book sin the mails and read them in the span of a day. >>;; I loved them! Kyle/Jason is adorable, but I always feel bad for Nelson because Nelson/Kyle would have been cute. So how do I solve my pairing dilemma? Simple! I make 'em a threesome! *does this for most fandoms she's in because it's just simpler*

I plan to write threesome fanfics (probably taking place during Rainbow Road, since it'd be rather convenient since they have to sleep in the same tent anyway), but I'm up to taking suggestions/requests. So, give me ideas! I write a lot of slash, so the pairing in this book shouldn't give me much trouble. ^-^
Hi, I just joined the community today and I also just finished reading the series today and I absolutly loved all three of the books. I then went online to search for Jason/Kyle fan fictions and I couldn't find any. I then found this community and read that people could post fan fiction in this community but no one has. Does anyone know where I can find Jason/Kyle fan fiction? I would love to read some. Thank you.
GoodSearch.com is a seach site (powered by Yahoo!) that, everytime you search, donates a penny to the cause of your choice. There are many AIDS-related charities, so I thought it might be a good idea to post this around the communities (mostly RENT communities, but I'm posting it everywhere I can think of) and try to get some people to start using it.

Hi, this post is for the mods. I moderate rainbow_boys and I was wondering if you would be interested in merging our two communities.

Neither has much traffic, and it would be beneficial if we closed one (I don't care which) after directing its members over to the other. Instead of having fans split between two communities we could get them all together in one place. It seems like our communities have the same purpose.

My fellow moderators at rainbow_boys have disappeared. I wouldn't mind closing it and sending its members here.

Wow, there hasn't been a post in here in a while. And I don't know about you guys, but I feel bad about that. So, just out of curiousity, I want to know what other fandoms you follow, as well as the pairings you ship, slash or het! If I get big enough of a response I'll post some of mine as well. :)

Also, if you follow someone's fic on LJ, don't be afraid to post them. I need some more fics to add to my ever growing list of bookmarked slash xD

Also, in other news, next time I stop by a bookstore or library, I plan to get Getting It, one of Alex's newest books. :)
okay...i know most of you guys dont have a myspace...hence the LJ-ness...but if you do, i would ask you very nicely with sugar, cherries, and vegan coookies on top to add this group. its www.myspace.com/isupport .
iSupport is a group headed by the very own Matthew Lush (otherwise knows as GayGod♥) and he is doing as much as he can to get gay marriage legalized. so please add them...and if not, you can buy shirts at www.matthewlush.com to help out! thanks for reading!
*just click the picture*
hmmmmm, well okay. So i finally returned the Rainbow High to the library, just to get the paperback version from my friend Ben. but really, if you think about it, it's kinda weird that i kept the book that's not even my fave. but whatever. Just an update.
I hear that Bush is about to sign the "BAN GAY MARRAIGE" bill. If he does, lets all meet up at the white house and sit out front on a hunger strike. that would probably make me die, seeing as i am a diabetic. Maybe, he will have the heart (or the brains) to figure out that i will die if he signs the bill, so that is my plan
♥ lets_make_n0is3
Someone below asked for Rainbow Boys Icons and so I took the initiative and made some. Hope you like.


Rainbow Icons!Collapse )

Also, this is random, but how do you do those hearts. The small black ones?

Hope you like the icons.