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Rainbow Love

These books are awesome go read them right now

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This is a community for fans of the Rainbow Boys trilogy by Alex Sanchez. It's an amazing book that gives wonderful insight to growing up gay or just growing up in general. I for one love these books with a burning passion and if you haven't read them then I truly recommend them. Even a straight girl like me can relate to it. This community is for disscussions, fanfiction/fanart and roleplaying so I'll give 3 different sets of rules.

Book Discussion Rules
1. Be nice. Don't be a Jack Ransom. Everyone have different opinions and unless its mindless slander we have to respect them.
2. If you are going to give away spoilers in your discussion, such as who breaks up and who gets sick and things like that, put it behind an LJ cut clearly labled "Spoilers." If you are giving away spoilers in the middle of a conversation just warn us and skip down a few lines before putting the spoiler. I assume that if you haven't read the books though you won't join the discussion.
3. doinz tippe lyzkz dis. Please write legibly and no chat speak. u is not a word and niether is 2.

1. We accept all pairings and ratings (although if you break up Jason and Kyle then we kill you!...just kidding) Put every fanfic behind a cut.
2. When you post a fanfic make sure you put the following label (the stuff in paranthesis is my example):
Title: (The time me and Kyle had really hot sex)
Pairing: (Kyle/Jason)
Rating: (NC17)
Warnings: (Baseball cap!sex)
Feedback: (I eat feedback like a monster)
Disclaimer: (Alex Sanchez own everything because he rocks out loud)
3. Don't flame anyone when giving them feedback. Constructive critism is appreciated, but we don't want anyone's feelings getting hurt.

1. If you are going to start a roleplay just start a new community. Were going to start one as soon as this community gathers some intrest. Just make sure you advertise it here