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*snaps fingers a la Nelson*

I am so uberly happy that I have found this community! You are like my life-savers. I love these books, and Alex is such an excellent writer. He needs to write a fourth book to the Rainbow series. Seriously, who's with me?

I mean, he can't just give us such wonderfully lovable and yet different characters and not continue the story! I mean, I want to hear more about Jason/Kyle and Manny/Nelson(obvious Manny's the seme. xD)

Let's start a petition. Oh and just so you know, I plan to write some fanfics so be ready to read them. ^^

*huggles Nelson and Kyle, and just pats Jason on the back*
just another maintainer here.
i was just thinking. The reason that i love nelson so much is probably because I am nelson, well if Nelson was femme.
and you know what?? the reason i am in love with the book road, is because Nelson finds love. Pink-haired love, yes, but it gives me hope. M'kay, so I never got with a guy who had HIV/AIDS, or even gave it up {yep, still a virgin and proud}, but really, Nelson just want's someone to love. and YES I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BFF WHO'S A GUY!!!! l0l...i guess.
okay, so this seems like a diary entry, i know, but really this is about how I think everyone will find true love at one point or another. and it dosen't matter femme, or male, but everyone will find someone
so there, i have given you the permission to post fan fic...
so there okay???

"and you could have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down. I will make you HURT"

Emily [lets_make_n0is3]
Well, hello.

I just found this community because it's one of the three or so listed with Kyle Meeks as an interest, lol. Anyway, I only discovered the books around Christmas-ish, but I've already finished and re-read all three twice, and Ijust started Rainbow Boys again yesterday (no, I'm not obsessive - I swear!). I used to regularly search for communities/websites and stuff for just discussion or (mainly) fanfic, but I've only come across inactive ones. This seems to be the most encouraging!

Anyway - I'm Kim. I just turned 20 (eegh.. still scary to say that!). I hope to get to know some people here! It's a shame no one I know likes these books, or will even give them the time of day :\
Fic Request time!

Ok. Since I am really bad at coming up with ideas, I'm gonna let you guys request fics that you would like to see written.Be as general as you want (Jason/Kyle) Or as specific as you want (Jason/Kyle rated PG for fluff and implied sex involving Kyles baseball cap and the line "Is it too big?")

I will write any pairing and any rating. If you want smut, there shall be smut.
Hi. I probably wouldn't post this if I hadn't found this community through Rent comms, and didn't know that there were Rent fans here. Some backstory, I love Mark/Roger, and I'm working on various teen!Mark/Roger fics, my latest thing.

I had a moment today at work. I was reading Rainbow Road (my favorite of the three, and I LOVE the whole part with BJ) between customers, and between plotting my next fic, and I realized something.

Kyle and Jason are totally Mark and Roger. Maureen is simply a female Nelson.

Maybe it was plotting the fic (where they're the only canon characters involved, except for like, Mrs. Cohen), or just the timing, but, yeah. Now I can't get that out of my head. And I'm feeling so tempted to write some crossover fic because of it, though I'll have to work out the differences in the timeline... I think I can work something out. :-D
icon love?
okay, this may seem weird....but if anyone makes icons, could you try making some rainbow boys/high/road icons?
because i think it would be cool

Okay, well I know I'm maintainer, but that's doesn't mean I know everything about the books.

So I have a quick and teensy-weenie question, but it's cut cause it involves a.) an excerpt that could be spoilerific to those who have not Rainbow High, (or finished Rainbow Boys!) and b.) deals with sex. 
click at your own risk . . . Collapse )

hello, i am a maintainer...apparently
okay anyways....
i just wanted to know if you guys (which i might add are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY AWESOME!) are readers of the other A.S. books?
i've read so hard to say in about 2 hours, and i actually stole the book (R High) from the library {BUT NOT ON PURPOSE} [i just never returned it]
i am eagerly awaiting the new A.S book "Getting It" (credit goes to the magical Malie_Melody [w00t] for the thing on her LJ where it has the A.S. web link)!

oh and should we call ANG LEE to produce a Rainbow Boys movie for America? (hehe brokeback mountain)

*honey-you need to get LAID*

^_^ Hi everyone!

I just finished reading the trilogy, and decided to join the site.

so um...yaaaay. ^_^
Good news:
There is a Rainbow Boys movie

Bad News:
Its in Thailand

Well...at lease we have a link to the trailer (with subtitles!)