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Community seems a bit dead... That's unfortunate, so I've come to liven things up a bit! ^-^ I just got all three book sin the mails and read them in the span of a day. >>;; I loved them! Kyle/Jason is adorable, but I always feel bad for Nelson because Nelson/Kyle would have been cute. So how do I solve my pairing dilemma? Simple! I make 'em a threesome! *does this for most fandoms she's in because it's just simpler*

I plan to write threesome fanfics (probably taking place during Rainbow Road, since it'd be rather convenient since they have to sleep in the same tent anyway), but I'm up to taking suggestions/requests. So, give me ideas! I write a lot of slash, so the pairing in this book shouldn't give me much trouble. ^-^
That'd be really awesome! I tried searching for Rainbow fics and couldn't find any. I've read all three books and love them along with all Alex Sanchez's writing. I love Kyle/Jason but i love Nelson/Kyle too. Threesome would be awesome! Um One night the tent get a little _too_ hot? I'd love to see your fics and am sad to see that the three Rainbow communities I found seem to be dead. Let's get them going again!
If you write any "Rainbow" fanfiction that is even remotely readable, I will read it, love it, and thank god someone finally has written some fanfiction for this series.

As for ideas, maybe one night Nelson takes the teasing just a little too far? Or somehow Janson or Kyle takes a suggestive comment that was meant to be a joke as soemthing literal? I could even see Jaosn or Nelson having to explain somehting sexual to Kyle (he's so nieve) and they decide to use visual/pysical aids. Whatever you decide to write, I cannot wait to read it.
Oh yes, please write, soon.
I've been looking all over for some Rainbow Boys fics, but I can't find any anywhere.
Seriously, please please please, post one, really soon.
I'll love it, I promise haha.
And yeah, I agree. I was totally stuck between deciding whether I liked Kyle and Jason together better or Nelson and Kyle.
So yeah, write soon plase!
I would love you for ever if you wrote this, really any Rainbow boys fanfiction would be a godsend, but a threesome would be soo hot.